Monday, November 28, 2005

Apologies (on Empire Strikes Back)

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Apologies for my readers who may have been expecting the third installment of the “Empire Strikes Back: Signs of Creeping Martial Law” article. Due to certain political commitments which I have to attend to, I may not be able to finish the article anymore. Moreover, the facts that I have intended to use for the third installment is no longer that fresh in the minds of contemporary Filipinos.

The third installment would have elaborated on the EO454 and how placing the NTC under the DOTC strengthens immeasurably Malacañang’s control on media. I would have added here recent accusations of Malacañang and ISAFP against broadcast journalist and TV anchor Julius Babao, which stated that he had been involved in the release of a terrorist by the name of Tyrone del Rosario Santos, a.k.a. Dawud Santos. Is this a ploy of Malacañang to provoke media into doing something, or maybe just simply to put media in a bad light?

Another topic which would have been raised by the third article is the sustainability of Arroyo’s tactic in curtailing civil and political rights. Was it mere bluff or was it really the real thing? We would had have to account recent toning down of Malacañang’s policy and the declining sensationalism of several issues hurled against her. Is Malacañang toning down because criticisms are weakening, or it just found a good excuse for its incapability to sustain its policies? These issues would be covered by other articles which I would later post.

It is with apologies again that I say that I will no longer provide the third installment for the aforementioned article. Anyway, I would still be discussing the points that would have been raised by the installment in other articles. Thank you for your understanding.

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