Friday, July 20, 2007

Labor Protests in South Korea: Videos

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We ain't seen nothing yet.

If the so-called highly-developed "democracy" in the Philippines is already "tolerant" of our relatively peaceful labor protest actions (which was already condemned as violent by our more conservative friends from the government), just wait till they see the protest actions in our East Asian neighbor South Korea.

The largest and most politically and organizationally advanced labor union federation in South Korea (and perhaps, in the whole Asia), the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, had conducted mass actions that will surely dwarf our meager direct actions here. Forget the "shock and awe" tactics of the anarchists - look at the campaigns of KCTU, planned and organized with almost militaristic precision.

Here's one video.

One can also laud the police force here. This is the true example of "maximum tolerance". Here's another vid.

In the next video, the KCTU goes to Hong Kong, to aid protesters there in their mass actions against the WTO talks.

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