Monday, December 1, 2008

Tagged!: The State, Technology, and Intelligence Gathering

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Here is the presentation I prepared supposedly for an RTD with the Foundation for Media Alternatives. Unfortunately for me, it turned out to be a more informal talk than a series of presentations from invited attendees.
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I used wikipedia and extensively in researching some details on SIGINT. Hope this will be useful to all.


Bonn Juego said...

Hi James! Greetings from Copenhagen! Ang ganda na pala ng blog mo! Keep up the good progressive work!

Salamat sa Mises lectures. I had a quick browse over some of the lectures and I could not help but fall asleep as I read his misreading of Marx; in particular, Marx's philosophy and critique of the political economy!

Too, you may find it interesting to look at the works of Carlota Perez (, to whom I was a teaching assistant a couple of years ago. She looks at the dynamics of technology, finance, and institutions.


James Miraflor said...

Hi Bonn, hows Copenhagen? :-)

I have encountered Carlota Perez before in a paper which I attempted to write (but I never made any headway, thanks to the taxing FDC work, haha). I specifically explored her concept of "techno-economic regimes" and C. Freeman's study of capitalist evolution as co-evolution of five different system (of science, technology, economy, culture, and politics). I was then exploring the problem of a seeming disconnect of the relation of the objective technological and economic base with the subjective societal superstructure – a question contested between the conventional Marxian "historical materialist" analysis and the later "relative autonomy" thesis.

One of the conclusions I arrived in that paper is that Gramsci's concept of "historical-specificity" may not really be as "subjective" as purported by some theorists, that it may have only been the result of Gramsci erroneously divorcing the evolving technology in the instruments of production which determines the base, with the evolving technology (as there is such a thing as social technology, a concept I stumbled upon thanks to Freeman's and Perez's inspiration) in the relations of production which determines the superstructure. But anyway, maybe we can correspond on that on some later date.

All the best, Bonn. :-)