Sunday, February 22, 2009

Soldiers Unite with Brig. Gen. Danny Lim

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Anonymous said...

and..? i find it weird that this has interested you so much as to post it and yet you have nothing to's a breakfast that would've warmed my stomach but left me still hungry..

Cebu Pictures said...

Who is Gen Danny Lim for us here in Cebu. We are living peacefully

mark said...

The problem is... Hitler was elected for the very same reasons.

Now Gen Lim is no Hitler. Gen Lim is waaay more intelligent and certainly not insane. But it is nonetheless depressing to find these people supporting him like mindless sheep. Thinking all this country needs is a strong leader with supposedly good character (sounding more like Hitler yet?). Maybe the gen won't be as unreasonable and actually propose sound and sustainable development policies, but it won't be because of his supporters. Until Filipinos learn and have the courage to think for themselves rather than throwing their lot on some leader they "believe in", we're pretty much fucked.

James Miraflor said...

Well, I agree with you Mark. And I am a bit disappointed with those who view Gen. Lim as a purported messiah (reminds me of Watchmen) to save Philippine society from demise.

I admire Lim, and I believe that he may have the skill, the brilliance, the charisma, and the decisiveness needed for a leader of change, but change is to (and must) spring from more than one individual. It is a responsibility of all individuals to make sure that change happens, and that the benefits of change applies to all.

We always looked back at someone like Marcos to "discipline" and "transform" the Philippine society. Maybe its high time we learn discipling ourselves towards genuine transformation.